Protection Candle - Herb & Crystal Candle - Black Soy Candle: 7.5oz Square Glass

New Moon Beginnings

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Protection Candle - Energy Cleansing - Crystal & Herb Candles Protection Candle - (Remove Negativity - Shielding - Security) - Essential oils Cedarwood, Sandalwood, & Patchouli. Clears away negative energies. Burn this soy wax candle to protect the energy of your home, this candle burns away negative energy and leaves only good vibes behind. Crystals include Black Tourmaline, Shungite, & Smoky Quartz 100% Eco-soy wax candle that is handmade and hand poured with a combination of Natural Essential oils, lead-free cotton and paper wicks, natural crystals & herbs. - 7.5oz Glass Jar - size is 3" height and ~2.75" wide. Clear jar with black wax. - 8oz Round Tin size is 2" height and ~3" wide. Black wax. - 12oz Glass Jar with lid size is 3.5" height and ~3.25" wide. Clear jar with black wax.